I have created this site to share some information that I have learned about homeschool resources.

I was never into homeschooling before. Having been a product of mainstream education (I have done 1 year pre-school, 6 years primary school, 4 years secondary school and 5 years university earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering), I never imagined myself to be into it. However, circumstances have taken me to learn about homeschooling.

One of my children had a problem with mainstream school and not wanting to let him down and wanting only the best for him and his siblings, I began my research into homeschooling.

I found out that it was actually what I really wanted for them. After doing lots of research, I decided to put down all the homeschool resources that interested me so I might be able to help others who are on their way.

I'm doing eclectic style of homeschooling where I mix different styles of educating according to the needs of our children. We have some structure in some way in that I require my children to learn subjects but they can choose which topic they want to learn in that particular subject appropriate for their level. I find that the children learn better because it interests them because they have chosen it themselves. We also have projects that they undertake so they can explore their interests. Some days, we let our children learn through their natural life experiences. This includes activities like play or games, household responsibilities, work experience, and social interaction.

About Me: Other People's Perspectives

It's funny but many years ago, I've collected some things that people say about me and I thought I'd add it here:

Thanks for being there to read and respond to my letters. You contributed a lot to my success. (Dennis)
You're such a faithful correspondent... (Josephine)
Your example has helped me become a better person. I have seen how much you show dedication to little tasks given you... Your smiles and your own quiet simple ways will work wonders for you... (Chie)
You are always thoughtful and diligent in writing...(Del)
I can feel that you're a spiritual person. (Jerry)
You are so very thoughtful (Kristen)
Whenever someone see's the way you write, they say "It's so cool" and it is. I like how you write....(Fawn)
You're very thoughtful! I don't think you've forgotten special "times" in my life.... I remember you as a very loving little girl who is ready to love and be loved. A very smart one, too! (Angie)
That's why people exist to live because there are people like you to model values of great essence to the survival of humanity. (Melvin)
...Always there to guide me. (Jun-jun)
Kind, sincere, intelligent, sometimes "joker"... (Edna)
I really appreciate your thoughtfulness... (Ping)  I wish I was as good as making things as you are. (Melinda)
You have helped me develop my personality and develop in me the self confidence... (Jessica)
You're always there to listen and share your knowledge to others. (Harold)
I never knew you well but I like you. You're a very funny companion...(Lea)
You really have to be a special person to keep writing when it was my turn to write you... (Kandi)
Strong, courageous, sports-mania, principled, intelligent, honest and beautiful.... You leave me nothing but happy, good and wonderful memories... (Donna)
You're a big help and support to me. (Elena)
Candid, energetic, chaste, intelligent, loving, instinctive, accessible. (Anna)
I found you very talkative and fun to be with...(Lollie)
Am grateful for your friendship and your simple but thoughtful way of showing that kind of act being a friend. Am honored to know that there are people who really care... (Adam)
Also, this is what they say about me which I think is quite true: "Give 110% for everything she does. Headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone she meets unless given reason not to be. Usually gives people more credit than they deserve."

More About Me

I have been building websites since 1998 when my friend Percy introduced me into the internet. I tried some of those free sites that were offered by Yahoo, Geocities, Angelfire, Lycos and many more. It was fun! I learned Basic Programming in the university and I because interested in HTML programming after my auntie sent us a book about HTML programming. I also learned how to use wordpress, install worpress manually and even install WPMU which is a WordPress feature that allows you to run multiple WordPress sites from within one WordPress installation. I previously had a hobby site using this platform which earned me more than $2,000 a year which was a pretty good return for a hobby site but for some reasons I stopped. I was having babies at that time and of course, they became my priority at that time so I decided to stop all my web building. But anyway, here I am again using this platform because who knows, one day, I will be able to have a good return again for helping other people and just expressing myself.

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