Homeschooling Benefits for our Family

Homeschooling Benefits include being able to tailor the learning of our children according to their needs and interests. We can also get their learning materials according to our family budget. Our activities are more enjoyable because we include the children in planning them. For instance, instead of going on a hike one time, we decided to go roller skating because that is what our kids wanted to do. Our children are also exposed to the people or families we want them to be with instead of an environment with a lot of bullying or peer pressure.

We can provide meaningful and productive learning through a method that our family prefers, and it helps strengthen the bond between the various members of our family. Homeschooling allows parents to raise children in a more natural and nurturing environment. Traditional schools can make one nervous and sometimes even mean. Homeschooled children are protected from these damaging negative influences, especially when they are young and can't know for themselves.

Homeschooling helps our family to have a strong bond with our children. Any experience that they have can be turned into an educational experience. Trips to libraries, museums, or other places can become educational and recreational. As parents, we have greater control over the moral values that our children learn. Even watching a television show or a movie can become a learning experience for our family. For instance, whenever we see something worth discussing in a play or a movie, we have discussion time with our children. This helps instill in them the values that we want them to learn.

Homeschooling benefits also include the fact that there are countless resources for homeschoolers that are readily available that we can use to help us out. There are also lots of professional curricula offered online. There are also online and offline support groups that we can join. There are public library resources that are available to us.

Local support groups provide us with an excellent source of help and ideas. More experienced homeschoolers are usually happy to offer their insights and advice. Once your family can settle into a routine, you will find yourself making your curriculum to suit your family's needs.

Homeschooling Benefits from the eyes of a child

So one day, I got my 10-year-old to write the homeschooling benefits for him, and this is what he wrote:

Homeschooling benefits me because I don’t get bullied. I can learn what I want to learn. I’m able to replace some of the things that are useless for me with something that I want to learn. I don’t have to wake up early to do things. I don’t have to do homework. I can eat meals on a plate for lunch. I can cook sometimes and I can go on field trips. I don’t have to travel to school everyday either. If I traveled to school every day it would waste a lot of money on petrol. Except if I walked or ride my scooter, probably. Walking can also take too long if you live far away. So homeschooling costs less. You also don’t have to pay a lot of school fees. And detention doesn’t exist. My parents have more free time in the morning to do other things because they don’t have to drive me to school every day. I don’t have to hear bad words from other kids. I can start school at any time of the day. I can also take breaks, or have a snack when I want to. I can also go to the toilet anytime, instead of waiting for class to finish.

So there, homeschooling benefits abound.

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