Best Courses to Learn Piano for your Homeschooler

Many parents want to know the best courses to learn piano for their children. I know I was one of them. Searching for the right piano course is like trying on shoes. You want the perfect fit for your child.

Know your goals. Defining your objectives will help you choose a course tailored to your interests. For instance, decide on your budget. Remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean better. There are great budget-friendly options out there!

Also, check for reviews. Look for feedback from other students. The best piano course is the one that keeps your child motivated and excited to learn. So, trust your gut, have fun exploring, and soon, your child will play like a pro! Mine do, and it makes me feel proud that they are.

Some best courses to learn piano for your homeschooler:

best courses to learn piano

1. Pianoforall
- Best for: Those who want a mix of reading music and playing by ear.
- Features: Offers a mix of video lessons, written content, and interactive exercises. Focuses on a wide range of music styles.

2. Playground Sessions
- Best for: Beginners to advanced learners. Co-created by Quincy Jones!
- Features: Interactive lessons that gamify learning, offering real-time feedback and scores. Features lessons from popular songs.

3.Hoffman Academy
- Best for: Kids and beginners.
- Features: Online video lessons that come with practice instructions, sheet music, and learning games. The core lessons are free, but there's a premium option for more in-depth study.

4. Flowkey
- Best for: Beginners to intermediate players.
- Features: Interactive app-based learning with real-time feedback. Recognizes the notes you play and progresses you through courses based on your skill.

5. Simply Piano by JoyTunes
- Best for: Absolute beginners and younger learners.
- Features: App-based learning. Fun and interactive lessons that track your progress. Recognizes songs from both the piano and your own music collection.

6. TakeLessons
- Best for: Personalized learning.
- Features: Offers live online lessons with real teachers. You can choose a teacher based on their profile and reviews. Great for learners who want one-on-one feedback.

7. ArtistWorks: Piano with Christie Peery
- Best for: Serious students.
- Features: Membership gives access to hundreds of video lessons, from basics to advanced techniques. You can also submit practice videos and get feedback from Christie Peery herself.

8. Yousician
- Best for: Gamified learning.
- Features: App-based platform. Lessons are designed as challenges, almost like a video game. Recognizes the music you play and offers feedback.

9. Berklee Online: Keyboard Method
- Best for: Those aiming for a more traditional and comprehensive study.
- Features: Offers online courses in many areas of music. The piano courses are thorough and are created by the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

10. Udemy
- Best for: Variety and budget options.
- Features: Udemy is a massive platform with courses on just about everything, including piano. Multiple instructors offer courses for different levels and styles.

best courses to learn piano

When considering a course, think about your learning style, goals, and budget. Many platforms offer free trials, so it's a good idea to test a few out before committing. Remember, the best courses to learn piano are out there. Keep yourself motivated and engaged.

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