Piano Lessons For Kids

Piano lessons for kids was one of the first things that I searched for when I started homeschooling my children. I wanted it to be part of their homeschool art curriculum. I wanted them to learn piano because I've learned from before that children who learn to play a musical instrument do much better in their academic work like math and science than those who don't. Also, it gives them more confidence that they can learn and play a song on the piano.

Since I can't really teach music, I decided to find someone who teaches piano lessons for kids. As I looked around my area, I found out that it would actually cost close to $3000 for each child per year to enroll them. It wasn't affordable for our family so I decided to search for a cheaper alternative online.

In my search, I learned about an online course that teaches piano lessons for kids that would only cost me a fraction of the cost than if I were to enroll them with a traditional teacher.

I made sure that the class involved an introduction to reading and understanding the notes and the symbols. Indeed this online course, is a good course because it teaches kids all the basic things they need to know before they start to play the piano. It also lets them into the practice area as many times as they want so they can play the song perfectly before going to audition. The audition has to be done in order to proceed to the next lesson.

I got my children to get into the lesson every school day for about 10-20 minutes each day. This went on for about 2 years until they finished all the 130 or so lessons. After that, they were able to play the piano with much ease. Of course they practiced a lot at first. However, over time, it became easier for them to learn songs in a much shorter time.

Piano Lessons For Kids from a Kid's Perspective

One day, I made my 10 year old write something about piano lessons for kids for his English Writing. I wanted to know what he thinks about it. Here is what he wrote:

Piano lessons for kids is good to learn. You can play music for others. Sometimes, you can make sad people happy when you play music for them. You can also get smarter when you learn the piano. You can play music for yourself when you want to. You can accompany other people who are singing. You can fill-in for other pianists who are not available. Other people like hearing you play the piano. You can play the piano when you’re bored. You can even compose songs or make up a small tune. You can play music for those who ask you. You can play on important occasions. You can read piano notes and piano symbols, as well. People sometimes talk to you about playing piano. Sometimes, they tell you that they like your music. You can practice for important occasions. Also, you can help others with playing the piano. You can teach them about notes or how to play a simple song.

So there, piano lessons for kids is quite beneficial from the opinion of a kid.

Playing the piano is a great way to develop and improve your kid's skills. Unlike other instruments, the piano sounds great as a stand alone music or as a part of a group. The intense piano sound can captivate an audience with such power and it can also soothe with serenity.

The online piano lessons for kids that I'm talking about is called Musiah.

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