Education Jobs from Home while Homeschooling

So you're curious about education jobs from home that you can do while homeschooling your kids? Great choice! I know a lot of homeschooling parents who do it. With the growth of the internet and how the world has changed, educators have many opportunities to work without ever leaving their couch (or bed, or kitchen... you get the point). Let's dive into some of these excellent jobs, shall we?

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Why Education Jobs from Home?

Here are some of the top 20 benefits of home-based education jobs:

1. Flexibility: Customize your working hours to fit your lifestyle.
2. No Commute: Say goodbye to traffic jams and public transport delays.
3. Cost Savings: Spend less on gas, work attire, and daily meals.
4. Comfort: Work in your pajamas if that's your thing!
5. Better Work-Life Balance: More time for family, hobbies, and personal care.
6. Personalized Work Environment: Set up your workspace as you like it.
7. Increased Productivity: Fewer office distractions can lead to better focus.
8. Safety: Reduced exposure to illnesses, especially during flu season or pandemics.
9. More Time: Save hours previously spent on commuting and preparing for work.
10. Job Opportunities: Access a broader range of job options without location constraints.
11. Stress Reduction: Less rush-hour traffic and workplace drama.
12. Customizable Learning Tools: Use tools and resources that suit your teaching style best.
13. Global Opportunities: Teach students from different parts of the world.
14. Better Health: More flexibility to exercise, prepare healthy meals, and take breaks.
15. Increased Autonomy: Greater control over your teaching methods and schedule.
16. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Less commuting means a more negligible environmental impact.
17. Broader Audience: Reach learners who may need access to traditional educational settings.
18. Diverse Teaching Experience: Engage with a variety of students with different needs.
19. Continuous Learning: Opportunities to constantly upgrade your own skills.
20. Greater Job Satisfaction: Ability to craft a job that aligns more closely with personal values and preferences.

So, What Are These Jobs?

Here are some education jobs from home that you can do:

1. Online Tutor: Subjects ranging from math to history.
2. Virtual School Teacher: Teach regular school classes online.
3. ESL Instructor: Teach English to non-native speakers.
4. Course Creator: Design and sell courses on platforms like Udemy or Teachable.
5. Homework Helper: Assist students with their daily assignments.
6. Test Prep Coach: SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
7. Education Blogger: Write about educational tips, tools, and trends.
8. E-book Writer: Create educational books for Kindle or other platforms.
9. Educational Consultant: Help schools or educational tech firms with curriculums.
10. Webinar Host: Deliver educational content through web seminars.
11. Special Education Advocate: Help families navigate special education needs.
12. Curriculum Developer: Design study materials for educational institutions.
13. Learning Management System (LMS) Specialist: Manage and customize online learning platforms.
14. Educational App Developer: Create apps for learning and training.
15. YouTube Educator: Develop an educational channel on YouTube.
16. Academic Advisor: Guide students on academic and career paths.
17. Researcher: Conduct studies in education and write research papers.
18. College Admissions Consultant: Assist students in the university application process.
19. Textbook Author: Write and publish academic textbooks.
20. Instructional Designer: Design educational materials in a format conducive to learning.
21. Translator: Translate educational materials for different languages.
22. Podcast Educator: Create educational podcasts on various topics.
23. Children's Storybook Writer: Write engaging educational stories for kids.
24. Graphic Designer for Education: Design infographics, eBooks, and visuals for educational content. You can even sell this in TPT  (Teachers pay Teachers) marketplace.
25. QA Tester for Educational Games: Test educational games for bugs and ensure educational content accuracy.
26. Music or Art Teacher: Provide virtual instruments or art techniques lessons.
27. Counselor: Provide online therapy or counselling to students.
28. Life Coach: Provide personal development education and goal-setting.
29. Adult Education Instructor: Teach skills like literacy, languages, or GED prep to adults.
30. Parenting Coach: Offer advice and strategies for effective parenting.

The beauty of these jobs is their flexibility and potential for individuals to leverage their unique skills and expertise in the educational sector.

Things to Remember When Working from Home:

1. Get Organized: Have a schedule or to-do list. It's easy to get distracted at home (hello, Netflix).

2. Create a Workspace: Even if it's just a corner in your bedroom. Having a spot where you 'work' and a spot where you 'relax' is essential.

3. Stay Social: Working from home can get lonely. Chat with colleagues online, join virtual meetings, or even hop on a call with a friend during breaks.

4. Take Breaks: Remember to stand, stretch, or walk outside.

Solo Build It!

The Not-So-Good Bits (Yep, There Are Some)

- Distractions: Your bed's calling for a nap, or maybe that new series on TV? It's easy to lose focus.

- Isolation: As said before, it can get lonely. Make sure you stay connected with the outside world.

- Overworking: Without the precise boundaries of an office, some folks end up working way too much. Remember to shut it off.

- Tech Issues: Slow internet and a crashing computer can become a real pain when teaching or working online.


Education jobs from home, while homeschooling? Totally doable and totally awesome. There's a lot of flexibility, but not all sunshine and rainbows. You can make it work and thrive with discipline, a good plan, and a cup of chocolate (or three). So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and find that perfect home-based education job that fits you!