Your Guide to Homeschool Resources

First, congratulations on deciding to embark on the homeschooling journey with your child. It's a brave, empowering, and intimate decision. But, of course, with such a choice comes the big question: *Where do I even begin?*

This article will introduce you to various homeschool resources, ensuring your child receives a well-rounded, quality education at home.

Parents who are smart with their money often look for resources that are both high-quality and affordable. Fortunately, there are many free resources available that are perfect for homeschooling, and you can use them too. If you're on a tight budget or just love a great deal, here are some of the best free homeschooling resources that savvy parents rely on:

1. Khan Academy:
A top pick for many, Khan Academy offers video lessons in various subjects, from math and science to art and history. Their interactive platform tracks student progress and adjusts to their learning needs.

2. Project Gutenberg:
Looking for classic literature? Project Gutenberg has over 60,000 free eBooks, including most of the classics in a typical school curriculum.

3. Starfall:
While they do have a paid version, the free content on Starfall is excellent for early readers and primary-aged children.

4. Librivox:
If you're studying literature, Librivox provides free audiobook versions of many classics read by volunteers from around the world.

5. OpenStax:
This is a resource for high school and college-level textbooks that are peer-reviewed and totally free.

6. Google Earth:
Geography, world culture, and even some history can be explored using Google Earth. It's interactive and can be a fantastic tool for visual learners.

7. Coursera & edX:
While many courses on these platforms cost money, free options are available. They can benefit high school students looking for advanced topics or exploring potential career paths.

8. NASA's Website for Students:
For the budding astronaut or astrophysicist, NASA provides various educational materials on space, science, and technology.

9. YouTube:
Beyond cat videos, YouTube hosts channels like CrashCourse, TED-Ed, and SciShow, which offer educational content in a fun and engaging manner. Just be sure to preview videos first to ensure content appropriateness.

10. Duolingo:
Duolingo's gamified approach can be a hit with kids for foreign language learning. It offers lessons in dozens of languages.

11. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool:
This is a free online Christian homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school.

12. CK-12:
A platform offering free textbooks and interactive exercises in STEM subjects.

13. HippoCampus:
This is a website offering over 7,000 videos in 13 subject areas to supplement your curriculum.

14. Homeschool Share:
This site has free unit studies, lapbooks, and other printables for homeschoolers.

15. Local Libraries:
While not an online resource, libraries are a gold mine for homeschoolers. Beyond books, they often offer digital resources, programs, and classes.

16. Facebook Groups:
There are countless homeschool-focused Facebook groups where parents share resources, ideas, and even their own free printables and lesson plans. Search for groups focused on homeschooling, and you'll find a supportive community full of resources.

Final Note:
It is important to be cautious when using free resources and ensure that the content is accurate and suitable for your child's age and maturity level. The great advantage of homeschooling is the freedom to select resources that are best suited to your child's learning style and your teaching approach.

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    I decided to research how to be a computer programmer for my son since he is very interested in being one. Here's a quick guide that I want to share with you...

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