Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Some people stress with a homeschool kindergarten curriculum. It's really not that hard. I remember when my oldest kid was about to go to a kindergarten school, I got him to practice writing his name and then writing the alphabets and the numbers 1-10 to make him ready for the new experience. As I look back on it, I realized that I actually did the same thing to our other kids in a home school environment later on.

The main thing that we did in our homeschool kindergarten curriculum was focus on reading, writing and arithmetic. I think that these are the things that are important as a base for their learning. Once they know these things, learning would be much easier with other subjects that they would take later on.

Writing in Homeschool Kindergarten

Each one of us love ourselves and so its but natural to first teach a child about themselves and get them acquainted with their names. They are more likely to take interest because it is theirs.

When we first started, we started with just writing their first names. Later on, we introduced their family names and their second names. Then of course, we had the alphabets and then the numbers.

When the child first learns to write, it can be awkward for them. So, I would usually guide their hands and fingers how to hold the pencil. If practice is done everyday, usually the child learns to pick up quickly.

In our practice exercises, we would include getting them to do straight lines, zig zag lines and curved lines when they are younger. Later on, as they progress, we would do alphabets and numbers. Much later, we would get them to copy words and sentences.

Writing would take us about 10-20 minutes a day. Sometimes it can take longer when they start doing activities like coloring or connect the dots.

Here are free homeschool worksheets for you to use with your kindergarten kids. You can save it for your own use or share it with others.

Reading in Homeschool Kindergarten

When we started our reading, we would normally read to them aloud, usually pointing to them the words so they will be familiar with the letters and their pronunciation.

As time goes by and they become familiar with our reading exercises, we would take them to the public library so that they can choose the books they want to read.
When they were younger, we would have board books. Later on we progressed with picture books; activity or coloring books; early reader books; and then chapter books.

Reading would take us about 20 minutes to 40 minutes a day. Sometimes it can take longer when the kids want to read more.

Arithmetic in Homeschool Kindergarten

In our Arithmetic, we start with teaching the children the numbers. We teach them to write the numbers and to count. First, we start with the basics, which is counting from 1 to ten. When the children are comfortable with that, we start going up to 20. We also teach them things like sorting and grouping objects usually in using games.

We then start to teach them basic addition, then basic subtraction. Some children can take a while but some are pretty quick to learn. So, be patient. Not all children are the same.

You can use some activities using worksheets. There are lots of worksheets than you can find online. You can also make your own.