Homeschool Writing Curriculum

A formal homeschool writing curriculum is not really existent in our home. However, all my children can write. I've always taught them that writing should be normal just like how we, as people, talk. It should be conversational.

One of my kids actually authored a little book without writing. When he was only four (4) years old, he told me a make-believe story that I thought was cute and so while he was telling me the story, I quickly scribbled it and decided to publish the book for him. It was funny because I didn't get everything at first (my kid can talk faster than I can scribble) so he helped me edit his little book. I just wanted to make sure that I was scribbling his ideas correctly.

Homeschool Writing Curriculum, Our Way

So, our made-up homeschool writing curriculum started with the children doing scribbles and lines and drawing stories and all that. We also had handwriting incorporated with worksheets and all. I've made my handwriting worksheets but I've also used the Good and the Beautiful handwriting worksheets which you can buy at a minimal cost.

When I was young, I had really bad handwriting , kind of like a chicken scratch. So, when I went to engineering school, it was great that we were taught to practice writing almost everyday. We had to write all the block letters and numbers in a sheet of paper to the best that we can. And so, that is what I also did to my children. My reason being "if my handwriting has improved at 16 years old, they would have a better handwriting than me if they started much younger."

So, it won't be boring, I decided to get them to write in a clean sheet of paper one page of the scripture stories book that they loved reading. This way, they are reading the scripture stories and learning from them. At the same time, they are also practicing their writing skills, learning grammar and sentence structure.

When they were old enough, I got them to write on their own journals everyday. Of course, weekend was an exemption if they didn't feel like writing. Although, some of them still write on their journals even on weekends.

We had spelling exercises at least twice a week and we also have some grammar lessons, each week. This was part of our homeschool writing curriculum. We also read a lot of books and we watched educational videos to teach them about public speaking and different styles of delivery. The children also write a report every week of what they have learned during the week through a blog that they maintain.

Later on, as part of our homeschool writing curriculum, the children had to do projects. The project was writing a book. During the course of the year, we always take photos or videos of them. And from those photos, they write about what they can remember about the experiences. Lately, we have been doing this in the last term of the year.

A few years ago, before we started homeschooling the children, I enrolled in some courses about self publishing a book. I didn't really do it for myself but it was more for my family and friends who were good at writing. I thought that if I learned how to do it, then I would be able to get them to do it. However, it was so easy that I got hooked into it. At the moment, I'm editing my autobiography book which took me 4 years to write. One of the reasons that I like this book project for the children is that I think that it is a great way for them to keep a record of their homeschool life by writing their stories while they are young and have a lot of time to do it. Of course, it's also for family history record purposes.

Handwriting Improvement

Our Homeschool Writing Curriculum Projects

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