Homeschool Reading Comprehension Curriculum

If you are looking for a homeschool reading comprehension curriculum, here is a sample guide, which you can constantly change to suit your child's interests and abilities.

Sample Homeschool Reading Comprehension Curriculum

Weeks 1-4: Introduction to Stories & Basics

Book: A collection of short stories suitable for the child's age.
Focus: Recognizing the beginning, middle, and end of a story.
Activities: Drawing story arcs, discussing main characters and setting.

Weeks 5-8: Exploring Fiction

Book: A beginner's chapter book.
Focus: Distinguishing between fact and fiction.
Activities: Imagining alternative endings and discussing what parts of the story couldn't happen.

Weeks 9-12: Adventure & Exploration

Book: An adventure novel tailored for kids.
Focus: Identifying the main problem and solution in a story.
Activities: Making a map of the story's journey and predicting future adventures.

Weeks 13-16: Dive into Non-Fiction

Book: A children's biography or a non-fiction book on a fun topic (like animals or space).
Focus: Extracting facts and understanding the sequence of events.
Activities: Creating a timeline of events listing out fun facts learned.

Weeks 17-20: Mysteries & Problem Solving

Book: A kid-friendly mystery novel.
Focus: Making predictions and looking for clues.
Activities: Playing detective: noting clues and guessing 'whodunnit' before the end.

Weeks 21-24: Folktales & Myths

Book: A collection of folktales or myths from around the world.
Focus: Recognizing lessons or morals in stories.
Activities: Drawing or acting out favorite myths, discussing lessons learned.

Weeks 25-28: Exploring Poetry

Book: A poetry book for kids.
Focus: Feeling the rhythm and identifying simple poetic devices.
Activities: Writing short poems using rhymes in daily speech.

Weeks 29-32: Historical Stories

Book: A historical fiction novel suitable for kids.
Focus: Relating stories to actual historical events.
Activities: Research the events behind the story, discussing how life was different in that period.

Weeks 33-36: Review & Choice Reading

Book: Let the child choose any book or revisit a favorite from earlier in the year.
Focus: Enjoy reading and reflecting on growth over the year.
Activities: Book discussions, sharing favorite moments, and looking forward to next year's reading adventures.

The aforementioned homeschool reading comprehension curriculum is a general roadmap, and what's cool is you can tweak it based on what your child loves. They may be super into space, so you spend more weeks on space books. They may get hooked on mysteries and want to explore them more. It's all about making reading an exciting journey!

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